Video Description: Vince Parker has set up a gym in his garage, and is hanging out there with his old buddy, Draven Navarro. Vinces wife Rachael Cavalli comes into the room, meeting Draven for the first time. She lets them know that shes going to a friends house, but that Draven is welcome to stay for dinner.

Later that day, Rachael returns home and is surprised to find Vince and Draven taking a bath together. The two men insist that theyre just friends, but Rachael tells them to stand up. Sure enough, both of their cocks are hard! However, she LIKES what she sees, and tells Vince to suck on Dravens cock. Rachael masturbates while watching them. Eventually, they take things to the bedroom, so all three of them can have fun together...
Cesar Xes is visited by his friend Adira Allure, and her husband Jesse Stone. The couple only got married six months ago, so this is Cesars first time meeting Jesse... or is it? After Adira leaves to make a phone call, Cesar reveals that he remembers seeing Jesse having sex with dudes at a party last year. Jesse asks Cesar not to tell Adira that, because Adira thinks hes straight. Cesar says that hes been friends with Adira long enough to know that she would actually be delighted to find out that Jesse is bi, but he agrees to keep Jesses secret anyway.