Completely Mindfucked

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13-07-2022, 16:52
Starring Mistress Nova
Video Description: The sight of me rolling around in the afternoon sun...showing off my tight curves...playing with my pretty pussy...has you completely enraptured. I love how easy it is to rile you up and get you all weak and simpy. Theres truly nothing I love more than teasing men with something theyll never have: my pussy. Beta males must be trained that pussy will never be for them. EVER. Especially one as godly as mine. Theyre just too sacred and perfect. You arent worthy enough to actually look at it (even while Im wearing these thin little shorts) so Ive done some beta-safe censoring to condition your mind. You will never get to see this pussy. You will never get to taste this pussy. You will accept this pussy-free lifestyle proudly and relish in being denied by the Goddess of your dreams. Denial is good for you.