You Dont Deserve Your Wife Cuckold

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13-07-2022, 17:05
Starring Nina Crowne
Categories Domination
Video Description: As your wifes best friend, Ive always hated you and now Ive made a video for you to watch. I confess that Im tired of hearing your wife complain about how unsatisfied she is in the bedroom. Your wife has never orgasmed with you--and you probably never even noticed. After all this time and complaining, I convinced her she needs to cheat on you. But dont worry, shes not going to divorce you, shes just going to train you to be the perfect cucky hubby. A role you might actually be able to live up to. Right now, as Im making this video, shes in the room next to me with a dude she picked up at the bar, screaming and moaning in ways where its obvious shes finally getting what she needs. Youre just going to have to accept the situation because we all know you cant do better.