Cheating w Shop Attendant

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Video Description: In this 30 min long film you meet Demi the shop attendant… You’re out clothes shopping for your girlfriend’s birthday when you spot me in the women’s section -my breasts are huge – I’m exactly your type! Unfortunately your girlfriend has tiny tits and you find yourself lusting after big juicy breasts more and more every day. You walk up to me and ask me for some help finding some underwear for your girlfriend, I seem initially excited to talk to you until you mention your girlfriend… I ask for your girlfriend’s bra size and you wishfully lie “she’s an F cup” – I beam as I tell you that’s my bra size too – what are the chances! I point you in the right direction and you thank me and say goodbye. The next day you come back to the shop looking for me – this time you have a plan! You have chosen 2 tops, 3 dresses and 2 bras and you’re going to ask me to try them on for you – after all… I’m the same exact size as your girlfriend … right? I take a little convincing but I agree and we go to the changing room… I begin getting undressed and tell you to shut your eyes – but you peak through anyway! After a while it seems like I might even want you to watch? I’m bending over so provocatively and having nip slips constantly! By the time I change into the last dress you have a semi and I tell you not to shut your eyes… I want you to watch me strip. Your semi turns to a hard on and I notice! You confess to me that your girlfriend is flat chested … you lied to me so I’d try on clothes for you and feed your thirst for big titties! Surprisingly I’m not mad… instead I show you how wet I’ve gotten trying clothes on for you but… you made me risk losing my job for nothing! Now I want you to risk losing something for me! I want you to film me tittyfucking you until you cum on my tits – I want you to leave the film in your camera roll where your girlfriend could stumble across it at ANY point …. deal? You agree and fuck my juicy tits with your cock until you cum bucket loads all over me and the bra I was trying on for you! I tell you I’m going to wear the cum soaked bra underneath my clothing… we leave the changing rooms and I hand you my number and shyly tell you what days I work if you ever want to pay me another visit…. Available to stream or download and keep forever! I hope you have as much fun watching as I did recording! Demi Xx