Reprogrammed with Scarletts Chip

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13-07-2022, 17:58
Categories Fetish, Videos, Domination
Video Description: Hello, I see here that you need a reprogramming! It’s quick, fun, and almost painless. We’ll start by deleting everything, and yes I mean everything. You don’t need your high school memories, they sucked anyway! After your deletion, you’ll go through an upload process. You may wake up during the upload but you’ll be safe inside your mind. You wake up in the middle of the upload and can see the process happening in front of your eyes. Pump your dick for me. You’re trained to only pump for me. Your mind, your body, your cock is mine. You are now part of my mindless cult. Goon, Goon, goon, for me. Every day you will grow weaker and fall deeper under my control. I’ve corrupted you. You pump for me and me only. You are fully aware of me taking over. You love making me more powerful. You’re a mindless fuck who loves to pump, pump, pump. You’ll do anything I say when your dick is in your hand. You are reprogrammed to serve Scarlett. You are now implanted with a Scarlett chip. There is no return. You’re under my control, I am your owner Scarlett Cummings.