Feet Are Your Sex Life

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Video Description: You can’t keep a relationship because of your severe foot fetish AND you’re bad in bed. Your dick is small and you can’t even get fully hard unless you’re humiliated, verbally or by feet. You love dirty feet, you always have. All girls you tried to date either friendzoned you or even if you dated, cheated on you. The women you pursue always want bigger cocks, men who dominate them, not a submissive boy like you. Accept that you’re a beta, cuckold footboy. I talk to you kindly like a good boy who I feel sorry for. You shouldn’t worry about sex. You should never even look or touch a females body. Jerk once a week to feet only. Its ok and natural. Its how nature intended and you have to accept it. Sink deep for my soles. You’re a beta and you must stay pussy free, no sex