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13-07-2022, 18:33
Starring Worship Jasmine
Video Description: I have never bought a custom clip before in my life but stroking to your clips with a bottle of has given me the best orgasms of my entire life so I cant resist splurging. I like to watch your clips in a VR headset so that theyre extra intense and mindfucking. Its just me, you,, and your piercing insight into all my weaknesses, vulnerabilities and total inadequacies. I hope you laugh knowing I use VR to make your videos even more intense and myself even more vulnerable, ensuring that there is no way to look away and the image of your body and perfect face is scarred into my psyche forever. If you can riff on these themes and how youre going to send me deeper and deeper into findom and addiction, that would be great. Every inch of your body is amazing so if you can combine teasing me with your perfect arse and tits along with some close ups of your face where you really ram home how pathetic and desperate I am, then I am sure I will be in piggy heaven. Please dont hold back telling me what a fuck up I am - my dick now can only get hard for and your most fierce clips are my favourites. At the end of the clip I want to be left in no doubt that my descent has only just begun and you are quite happy to destroy my life by encouraging my addiction to and femdom porn. Thank you in advance - you are the best.