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13-07-2022, 18:40
Categories Fetish, Videos, Domination
Video Description: Hey Professor, it has been a hell of a day! I showed up a bit late, but here I am.I take off my glasses, let my hair down and realize that you have noticed that I am dressed up and look less nerdy than usual. It looks like it excites you! What if I help you out and in return you give me my extra credit. I reach over to you and start stroking you.You know how wrong this is, but it is part of what makes it so good. You werent expecting for me to show up looking so sexy, you just cant hold back.My hand is getting tired, you can finish yourself off while I tease you with my breasts and words. Dont worry about the aftermath, nothing bad will come from this. You will cum, I will get my extra credit and youll realize that I am the best student you have!