Simp For Yoga Pants

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13-07-2022, 19:06
Starring Lucy Spanks
Video Description: i want you to simp for Me. get your ugly simp stick out and focus on the only thing thats important right now": My Ass in these yoga pants. Right in your fucking face, so close you can almost smell it... until i walk away and taunt you further with my long blonde hair, pretty face and wide hips. your reality is becoming distorted as the focus on Me grows. what turns you on more, My hips or My Panty line? stroke stroke stroke. Youve always been a perv for yoga pants even back in school. Your dick wont stop screaming for Me, keep being a good brainless slut and simp for me. stroke for Me, simp for Me, edge for Me, do anything for Me. My curves will fuck you up, and you were already so easily manipulated.. you know what I want, simp. I shouldnt even have to ask.