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Video Description: I know you are desperate to jerk off right now and I’m in the mood to humiliate a little beta bitch. So, we are going to play a little game… The rules to my evil and humiliating game are simple. Every single time you jerk off, you must watch this clip of me stripping down to my sexy pink thong lingerie. You can start stroking whenever and however you like, but once you start you cannot stop. You cannot slow down, and you must do whatever I say. My advice is to wait as long as you can because once you have cum at a certain point, you can never watch past that part again. The clip will get shorter and shorter for you the faster you cum LOL. I know you are such a porn addicted loser that you are already cumming in your pants at the thought of this so this might be a challenge for you. Every time I take off an article of clothing, I will make you do something vile! Something that will make this even more humiliating for you and more fun for me! With every item I take off, you will be more and more desperate to cum for me! We both know how creative my cruelty can be. And yes, my sexy thigh high stockings count as two separate tasks LOL. But remember, you must wait as long as possible because once you cum you never watch past that point again! If you finish the clip without cumming, your reward will be that you get buy one of my new clips and cum to my bratty perfection however you like. Lucky boy! But honestly, I am so hot and my tasks keep getting more and more depraved, so I wouldn’t hold my fucking breath if I were you. Hehe, I am going to completely eviscerate you with my bratty attitude, perfect body, and evil demands. You don’t even stand a chance. It will be such a mind fuck for you to get so turned on by doing these humiliating things for such a hot brat. Soon you will cum in your pants at the mere thought of watching clip!