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Video Description: Jasmine Domina - PUMP MY PLEASURE DRIP! Nurse Jasmine is here to help mask your anxiety with my gooning, mind fuck programme! Guaranteed cure for social anxiety! Having trouble winding down? Feeling anxious or antisocial? Feeling underwhelmed with boring vanilla life? Great! I am here to help! With a 100% success rate, my special gooning programme proves that I really do change lives, by simply altering your state of mind! My treatment may seem a little odd at first, but trust me - Im a nurse! So, lets get started shall we! First things first, I am going to need you to be in a really relaxed place where youre safe from all distractions! Because distractions are bad!!! I am also going to need you to take your trousers down.. Dont worry about feeling uncomfortable to begin with, thats just your anxiety disorder and I am going to cure that today! I know you really want to get better, so lets pump that pleasure drip and get started! This clip is intensely manipulative!