Hospitable hostess!

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20-04-2021, 10:16
Starring Amateur
Categories Anal , Videos
Video Description: And again we welcome you, dear sexwife girls and sexwife girls. As you all have already noticed-our favorite format is gengbeng. But we always try to bring new elements to it, additional touches to the script, light deviations from the banal fuck, additional notes of the game or something... So we tried to do this time. We decided to play the hospitable hostess...a banal scenario-The owner invites friends to sit in the evening after work, drink beer, chat and men, knowing that the hostess will be in the house, grab a couple of bouquets of flowers...they sit, relax, and then the beloved returns from work... instead of brawling, she goes to the shower and joins the table. On a hot summer evening, the men only wear jeans, and the hostess in a light dressing gown. There is a casual conversation, my beloved is comfortably settled on my lap and from time to time men give compliments to the only woman at the table. Light alcohol liberates men, especially the one who quite unexpectedly opened the view of the exposed thigh of the hostess of the house...he stealthily looks at him and after a while asks the owner for permission to move the lady to his lap. The atmosphere is friendly and the Owner lets the beloved go to a friend opposite. The lady is comfortably located on the knees of a new man and he, holding her by the waist, discovers a "secret" on her panties in the form of a hole that exposes part of the ass...about what she with a note of embarrassment, but more with pleasure informs the owner of new knees... everyone admires the beauty of the hostess and asks us if she doesnt mind showing her breasts... As a host, I am very pleased to hear compliments directed to my beloved and as a sign of hospitality, I allow the hostess to show herself in all her glory! Tits fall out, the hands of a friend begin to walk more actively on the body of the hostess, the eyes of drunken neighbors at the table are filled with passion from surprise... whats next? Will the hostess be completely hospitable? I think she doesnt mind at all anymore...isnt that right, honey?