Threesome, Lulu Teaches Ellieleen Some French And Shares Lulus Baguette

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19-09-2022, 18:08
Starring Leolulu,Ellieleen
Video Description: Scene starts with the girls eating breakfast, they waste some fruit tarts and some bread by rolling around in them while having sex. Ellie starts eating leolulu out while the guy fingers Ellie, then the girls start kissing while they finger each other. Ellie and leolulu 69 for a while before they put some fruit on the guys dick and then start sucking him off together. Eventually the guy starts fucking leolulu doggystyle and then switches to Ellie. They continue with both in missionary on the bed while the girls caress/kiss each other. Eventually the move outside naked and the girls make out before going back inside and sucking the guy off again and a little more fucking. No visible cumshot at the end.