Family Dispatch Unit Kiss And Make Up

Video Description: Captain T. Mahoney and Officer W. Lafayette are on their way to a domestic dispute call. Although Lafayette has never been to the household before, its the third time for Mahoney, and the captain is tired of his time being wasted.
When they arrive, they can already hear angry shouting behind the front door. As they enter the house, they find Charles Dera in a shouting match with his teenage step-daughter, Laney Grey. Its all chaos as Charles furiously tells Laney off for bringing boys home all the time while Laney argues that she can do whatever she wants since hes not her real dad, anyway. Charles and Laney are so mad at each other that they barely even notice the cops until Mahoney and Lafayette physically separate father and daughter to stop the madness.
Mahoney can see that these two are never going to stop their squabbling, and he doesnt want to have to come to the house a fourth time, so he makes them a deal. Its time for Charles and Laney to kiss and make up. If they dont, hell throw them both in jail.
Begrudgingly, Charles and Laney insincerely apologize to each other, but thats not quite what Mahoney meant. The time for apologies has long passed. If they want to avoid the slammer, theyre going to have to do more than just kiss...