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Video Description: Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Christy Canyon, Gerald Elliot
* Scene 2. Harry Reems, Tamara Longley
* Scene 3. Jade Nichols, Peter North
* Scene 4. Greg Derek, Stevie Taylor
* Scene 5. Bunny Bleu, Eric Edwards
* Scene 6. Blake Palmer, Summer Rose
* Scene 7. Josephine Carrington, Pamela Jennings
* Scene 8. Josephine Carrington, Eric Edwards

"...The story centers on a virtual reality phone-sex service, although the term "virtual reality" had not been coined when this film was made. (The system goes on the blink during Christys scene, causing her to disappear.) If the action here is hit-or-miss, at least there is a fair amount of it. Tamara Longley and Harry Reems are a couple who know how to get down and dirty. Jade Nichols doesnt look like shes faking anything in her scene with Peter North. Summer Rose takes a pretty good turn with Blake Palmer. And Stevie Taylor will appeal to those who like women with a little meat on their bones."