Wanna Fuck My Wife? Gotta Fuck Me Too #14

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1-04-2022, 08:36
Studio DevilsFilm.com
Video Description: Cesar Xes has invited his old buddy Jake Waters to come over and spend the night. They havent seen each other in three years, so this is Jakes first time meeting Cesars wife, Raven Right. Jake is impressed with Raven, who is both beautiful and a talented cook.

Eventually, Raven privately approaches Jake and offers to fool around with him. Jake is surprised, asking about her husband, but Raven says that her husband likes it when she does this kind of thing. Jake accepts, and Raven says shell visit him in his room later.

Raven keeps her promise, arriving at Jakes room to eagerly suck and ride his cock. Jake is having a great time with her, but then hes surprised by the sudden appearance of Cesar, who tells him the rules of the household: if Jake wants to fuck Raven, he has to fuck Cesar too. Jake accepts, so he strokes Cesars cock while continuing to have fun with Raven. And thats just the beginning of this amazing threesome!


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