Trick Fisting, Scene #06

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21-09-2022, 10:25
Video Description: Drew Dixon takes a turn on his buddy, Sherman Maus. Sherman starts by sucking Drews big, uncut cock. As he gets sucked, Drew starts fingering Shermans soon-to-be-wrecked hole. The feeling of Shermans ass around his fingers makes Drew hungry for a taste. He bends the hunk over and slides his tongue deep inside, getting him revved up for whatТs to come. Drew cant hold off any longer and slides his cock deep into Shermans hole. He pounds away, getting faster and harder until hes ready to plant his fists inside his buddy. Drew slides them in one at a time until Shermans hole is wide and sloppy. Drew alternates arms, punching Shermans ass with both hands until his rosebud blooms out. Its a beautiful sight for Drew who picks up the pace to ass punch Sherman even harder. Drew gets wrist deep and continues the drilling as Sherman calls out for Drew to keep rocking his hole. With Drew stretching him wide, Sherman dumps a massive creamy load that Drew cant resist cleaning up with his tongue.