Stasy Q

Categories Ebony, Solo, Black, Interracial, Videos
Video Description: Pointy nipples are what will catch your eye as this PutriQ release 380 starts to smoke from all the hotness. Said Energizer once again does an amazing job at directing this gorgeous StasyQ model who has a slamming body. Those breasts are perfectly round, fitting that figure of hers like a sculptors muse. She has a face that shines with innocence but her moves suggest otherwise. The way she comes out of the shower, naked with a towel on will turn you on in more than one way. Also, check out free PutriQ pics that are underneath the video, they are slamming as well. For all of you who are fans of sexy naked teens, PutriQ is a perfect example of how a gorgeous model combined with an elite team of photographers can make a masterpiece video. Look no further, click on the release and feel the full beauty of PutriQ.

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