Nudist Resort Romp

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26-09-2022, 09:47
Starring Mackenzie Mace
Video Description: When I take my hot wife Mackenzie Mace to a nudist resort for a little vacation, Im expecting a fun time. The first night goes well, everyone is super nice, Mackenzie looks great in her birthday suit. The next day were talking about the evening, when she notices this guy (Brickzilla) with the biggest cock ever. She is definitely intrigued, but too shy to do anything about it. Later that night, I set her up in some sexy lingerie for a little fun. I totally surprise her when Brick, the stud with the big dick from earlier shows up. She is in awe as she kisses, licks, sucks his massive member. Brick penetrates my wife, stretching her tight pussy out - she starts soaking his giant cock right away. She talks dirty to me as this stranger fucks her to orgasm after orgasm, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. You can see her hairy pussy clinging to his fat cock as he slams her from behind. She sucks his balls until he drops a big load on her face. What an amazing vacation - reserving our room for next year already!!