Casting Traps Girl On Girl

Video Description: So like, check it out... heres a hidden tape thats gonna blow your fucking mind.
These two beautiful girls came to my apartment one day, thinking this was a legit acting gig. I put up an ad looking for some lovely, talented ladies to work with and they answered the call.
When they showed up for the screen test, they were so excited and eager to please. I told them that they were going to be playing the role of newly-out lesbians meeting each other at a party for the first time. The film called for them to get flirty and eventually fuck. The sex was going to be simulated, of course, and I reminded them of this just to put them at ease...
But the simulated sex wasnt believeable enough, yknow? Theres nothing like seeing the real thing and we needed to capture that raw appeal! When I told the ladies to go all-in, sure, they were a BIT worried, but they couldnt afford to mess this up. What if this was their big break? So they ate pussy like champs. I didnt have the heart to tell them that they were being played -- that their careers were never going any further than that couch.
Maybe what I did wasnt EXACTLY on the up-and-up but lets face it, when youve got a working camera, an overdue rent check, and a buddy who works in tech that can get classified ads posted anonymously without anything tracing back to you, well... a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do.