Saving Herself For Marriage

Video Description: Jay Taylor, a bride-to-be, and one of her bridesmaids, Nickey Huntsman, are checking out a dress Nickey received in the mail. As they look at the dress, unimpressed, talk turns to Jays sex life, and its revealed that Jay is saving herself for marriage.
Nickey is skeptical since she is under the impression that Jay has hooked up with many people. Jay clarifies, saying she has only had ANAL sex, which doesnt count.
Nickey shakes her head in disbelief. She then seems to get an idea. Giving Jay a lusty look, she asks if Jay wants to have anal sex with her, since, by Jays logic, THAT wouldnt count either. Jay looks back at her with a tempted but coy expression., her eyes darting along Nickeys body.
They gaze at each other for one more pleasantly tense beat before they give in to their lust and suddenly come together for a passionate kiss. Nickey slips Jays top down, revealing her perfect breasts as Nickey begins to suck on her nipples.
Just because Jays saving herself for marriage doesnt mean she cant have a little fun!