Take What You Can Get

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Video Description: TAKE WHAT YOU CAN GET
Superstar Jock Taunts Unconfident Virgin Into Fucking Him
A timid high school reporter named Nancy (Aften Opal) arrives at Tom (Lucas Frost)s house to do an interview. Tom is a superstar jock, who everyone at school loves. Hes handsome, great at sports, involved in the community... It seems he can do no wrong. Although Nancys never really been interested in him, she cant deny his allure...
When Nancy begins interviewing him, she starts to see a side of him that no one ever talks about. He starts to pick on her, somehow twisting her words around to make her seem pathetic. Nancy tries to hold her own, but Tom steamrolls over her, crushing her confidence... When he starts pointing out her attraction to him, playing it up to be more intense than it actually is, things quickly go from bad to worse.
Once Tom finds out that Nancy is a virgin, he becomes relentless. Somehow, he gets in her mind and under her skin, and its not long before he convinces Nancy that NO ONE wants to be with her. If she wants to lose her virginity, having sex with him might be her only chance...
Caught up in the heat of the moment and ruled by her social anxiety, Nancy is troubled. If this really is her one chance to have sex, can she afford to pass it up?