Fat Virgin

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21-09-2022, 21:56
Studio GoddessJessiBelle
Categories Fetish, Videos, Domination
Video Description: Whats worse than just being a virgin? Being a FAT virgin! If you were skinny, but still ugly you might stand a chance, but you being a big fat fuck is really preventing you from fucking. No one wants to fuck someone that has to lift up their fat rolls to get to their little dick. They say there is someone for everyone, everyone but you! Youre too fat! Even if you could try to get laid youre too fucking fat for that to even work. How would you get to a pussy with all of that fat in the way of your tiny dick? Youre gonna get older and fatter and your chances of fucking are down to zero. All you get is to rub at your little dick and try to get off. No woman is desperate enough to fuck you, no matter how gross she might be. She has standards and youre not it! You cant pay for it, you cant even dream about it, when you think about it youre worried what will happen and how much she will laugh at it breaks your heart. This is what happens when youre so goddamn fat!