Stroke It For My Wrinkled BBW Soles

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22-09-2022, 09:14
Starring Tessa Tryst
Video Description: Oh good, youre here. I was looking for someone to worship and adore me. I want to take it easy today... all I want to do is lay back while you worship and stroke for my pretty BBW feet and wrinkled soles. Slowly and sensually, I tell you how I want you to lick, kiss, and admire my soles, and encourage you to stroke your hard cock for me. I like to have a little fun though, knowing youll do whatever I say... so a couple times, I make you stop stroking while I tease you by flexing and wrinkling my feet at you! But I am a benevolent Goddess, and I always allow good boys their release. You get to blow your load all over my perfect wrinkled soles!