Welcome to the Jiggly Room

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Welcome To The Jiggly Room. Nancy Navarro is your hostess. Nancy creates havoc wherever she goes and whatever she does. The social impact of a big-chested girl must never be underestimated. "If I go to work and I dont want to wear a bra, I just wear a tank top and a shirt over it so they dont move that much, and to sort of camouflage that I dont have a bra on. But if Im going to do the laundry or going to the supermarket, I wont wear a bra. When the UPS guy comes and Ill be in a tank top and booty shorts, hell stare at my boobs and say, Can you sign here? Its so funny." Nancy is a huge Yankees fan. "When I go to a Yankees game Ill wear a really low-cut Yankees shirt. I definitely do when I go to Yankee Stadium. I like the fact that the guys in my section forget the game and just stare at me. And Im like, Youre at the game. You spent whatever for the game, and youre not watching the game. Its fun. My sisters wont go to a game with me anymore. I have a cousin who tells me that before we go out, she has to see what Im going to wear. She doesnt like the attention. Well be crossing the street and therell be a bus and theyll be knocking on the window, yelling something from the bus, and Im just wearing a regular T-shirt and shorts. Nothing major."
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