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21-09-2022, 17:47
Studio SofieMarieXXX.com, YummyGirl.com
Categories 0DayPremiere
Video Description: Sofie and Sarah have been best friends forever. Sofie invites Sarah over after work to talk because Sofie’s stepson, Joshua, is dating a girl of whom Sofie does not approve. Sofies not jealous, Sofie just doesnt think the girl is good for him, or she can take care of him the way he deserves. Sofie asks Sarah if she would fuck him to try to get him to break up with his GF and try to take his mind off of his GF. Sarah is a little shocked, but she will down for the cause and would do anything for Sofie. Sofie tells her theres one condition - Sofie wants to watch. Sarah laughs because she thinks Sofies kidding, but then quickly realizes Sofies serious. Sarah agrees, and goes to Joshuas room. Hes just playing on his phone. The door is open, but she still knocks. He invites her in, she starts small talk and gradually starts to seduce him. He is reluctant at first but Sarah assures him Sofie is out of the house and its “ok”. Starts off with kissing and caressing and then goes to blowjob and then 69 with Joshua on bottom and his feet on floor. Theyve never done anything like this before and its SO wrong. Sarah starts to suck a little while longer and then turns around to ride him. During the adjustment Joshua sees Sofie there and panics, stops, apologizes, and he trips over his words because he cant explain himself. Sarah lays down and instructs Joshua to eat her pussy some more. Joshua is even more hesitant now that his stepmom is in the room, but Sarah is so persuasive that he does it. Sofie then starts to kiss Sarah and then Sofie straddles her to sit on her face with her panties pulled to the side facing Joshua while he is eating Sarah. Sarah tells Joshua to fuck her, and Sarah tells Sofie to lick her clit while he does. During this, Joshua slips out accidentally and into Sofie’s mouth more than once. Joshua takes it from here, alternating between women from time to time, ultimately ending in a cream pie in Sofie and then Sofie and Sarah playing with the cum.-