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22-09-2022, 11:36
Starring Dannii Harwood
Video Description: I know I promised you that you would get laid tonight but after our talk last night I have changed my mind. Ive always had a sneaky suspicion that you liked me talking down to you considering Im a bitch and high maintenance. After last night when you let me fuck you in the ass with the strap on I knew. You said you wanted me to use this on one of my girlfriends but oh no. You want it all to yourself! Well I went out of my way to go to the gym and find a nice big hot black man. I told him I would hook him up with a nice little faggot boy. He is coming here tonight and you better be ready! Ha you thought you were going to get to fuck me tonight! I am going to film every last second of it. After he fucks you in the ass I am going to get nice and close and while you suck his cock clean while he cums in your slut mouth! You are now my little cum guzzler now husband, I am going to you out! - Dannii