Troia in carriera

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Video Description: Francesca is a beautiful brunette who is used to achieving everything and everything with her body, for example, she needs to go to the gynecologist for free, and talona is mute, puts on white underpants, a black bodice and a green robe, and the gynecologist, amazed by such a color scheme of taste, fries her in the eye. And here was another case, Francesca came to take a photo for a passport with a corner, and lava forgot to bring a corner - channel, well, she gave it to the photographer so that the portfolio turned out great. Francesca had a girlfriend, a stupid blonde Marisa, in theory her name was Larisa, but she called herself Marisa, because it sounded more glamorous. Well, and Marisa had an erotic super macho and his name was Ivan Fedorovich Kruzenshtern, this guy fucked Mariska in the ass, rode on a steamer and shouted he loves her, such a goat, more than his Italian life. Having once looked at Kruzenshterns crooked yalda and the way he travels in Mariskas ass, the insidious Francesca decided to beat off the steamboat man from her padruzhayka, or at least drive him to the back Adjara, for 20 minutes, in the backyard. Although to be honest, I wouldnt go to Adjara with Francesca, because her cap hasnt been cut since the time of the king of Peas, even with a pruner