17-01-2023, 20:14
DateRelised Jan 15, 2023
Video Description: Jay Romero has invited Molly Little and Chad Alva over for a birthday party for Leana Lovings. Leana blows out the candles and makes a wish, but wont say what shes wished for because it wont come true. Molly hands Leana her gift, which turns out to be a vibrator. Leana claims that this plays into her birthday wish, which is to sleep with Molly. Jay begins to question Leana further about her desire to sleep with Molly, but Chad seems cool with it and Molly is DTF. When Leana plaintively says that its her birthday wish to eat Mollys pussy while the boys watch, Jay agrees. Coming together, the two girls exchange soft kisses that gradually grow hungrier and more urgent. Their hands are in motion as they get to know one anothers bodies. Eventually Leana and Molly relocate to the couch, where Molly takes her time using her tongue, lips, and the new toy to rock Leanas world. The only thing better than some girl on girl action is a hot couple swap foursome. Chad takes on Leanas twat as she lays on her back, while Molly enjoys Jays hardon in doggy. The girls each suck their juices from the shaft, then get to their feet to change things up as the guys take a seat on the couch. Mounting Jay in reverse cowgirl, Molly sinks down while throwing her head back in delight. Leana goes for it in cowgirl on Chads fuck stick. The reversed positions let Molly enjoy having her small tits sucked by Leana for even more pleasure. The girls swap partners so that Leana is on her knees with Jay with Molly is on her back with Chad. Making out as they get fucked, Leana and Molly both smother their moans by eating each others mouths. The boys cant hold back; Jay pulls out to blow his load on Leanas ass while Chad nuts on Mollys stomach, leaving them both with sticky treats to enjoy.