Genie In A Mocha

| 2023-11-18 |




Celebrate the spooky season with a Lustery Halloween Special starring the always adorable Jonte and Nicole Kitt. The recent XBIZ Best Actor winner shows off her dramatic chops in a fun skit where she plays the genie of Jonte's dreams that he accidentally releases from a yardsale mocha coffee pot (the chic, yet cozy home for all the modern djinns). Using his first wish—appropriately enough—on a nice cup of coffee, the lucky German learns that genies also get a wish… and after being trapped for a millennium, all this one really wants is some action! In a flash, he has her out of her outfit and sets about eating her out for the first time in “a thousand long years”, and that’s just the start of a superbly sexy (and silly) scene fitting for the season. Badda bing badda boom, indeed!
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