Impounded Cock

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22-09-2022, 11:58
Studio GoddessAlexandraSnow
Video Description: I know youa€™re so excited to stroke for me. Youa€™ve been waiting all day for this moment. Youa€™ve been daydreaming all day about how youa€™re going to jerk off to one of my videos. But that daydream is a lie, my pet. Youa€™re going to put yourself in chastity. No stroking for you at all. Ia€™m not giving you any reprieves. Do you know why? Because you havena€™t paid your cum tax. Youa€™re in orgasm debt, little slut. You should be paying me tribute for every single orgasm you have because that cock between your legs is mine. Each time you came all over your hand, you should have been sending me money. But you didna€™t, and now your punishment is chastity. Lock it up or pay up. These are the rules.