Penetration Orgasm

| 2023-11-26 |




She is a small but fierce package of sexy Latina ready to go on her first, ever, adult shoot. She's from Tucson, AZ but is currently living in Orlanda, FL. We start at a waterfront where we meet this very cute and excited girl. She has a very wholesome look and vibe about her. Her waist to ass ratio is insane and she hides it all, usually, under loose fitting black clothes. But today, when we meet her, she's wearing a cute outfit with jean shorts and a white top with flowers. She starts off by teasing us and pulling her top aside to show off her cute breasts and nipples in public, showcasing that she's very proud and confident in her sexiness. She then squats down and pulls her shorts aside, showing her vagina, clit and the little trail of pubic hair. She was nervous here and there as people were walking around in the area, but she powered through anyway and put on a good show for us. She then walked and found a quiet bench area. From there she pulled her top down and flashed her nipples, lifted the top up over both breasts and squeezed them together and then sat back, pulled her shorts to the side and began masturbating in public. She would kick her legs up in the air and play with her clit, and then started fingering herself right there. She masturbated until she felt ready for the toys back at home. While we were driving back to the house she couldn't resist and started to masturbate in the back of the car, without caring who was driving by or what they were thinking. Her legs would be up in the air as cops drove by and she would masturbate until she came on the road (and visible vaginal contractions). We then got home and she proceeded to use a vibrator on her clit until it died halfway through. Undeterred though, she was feeling too close and put the vibrator aside and used her fingers to orgasm. She had never used glass dildos or a big ten-inch dildo either so she was excited to try that next. She started with the glass dildo to warm herself up for bigger insertion with the big ten and we could tell she really enjoyed it. After the glass dildo she switched over to the big ten toy and even though she couldn't take it the entire way as she is a very small girl, inside, she did her best in the short time allotted. She is an absolute beginner who is excited to showcase her talents and body with you and you will love seeing her cute smile and body.
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