Under The Blanket

| 2023-11-28 |




You awake to find your girlfriend VR Porn cutie Leanna Lovings buried in a romance novel. Reading these novels always makes her so horny. As you stir, she catches a glimpse of your bulge under the blanket and cannot wait to feel you inside her. She whispers in your ear that she wants to try a few things that she read about if you are game... Leana Lovings slides your cock into her VR mouth and sends your mind swimming. Her velvety lips feel like heaven as she swings her legs around and gives you a front-seat view of her VR pussy. Leana Lovings spreads her VR pussy lips inviting your gaze as she sucks the life out of your cock in this 8K VR Porn! Happy with herself, she lies back and giggles as she awaits her reward for a job well done...
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