With A Little Help From My Friend

| 2023-11-28 |




Lydia Black is alone in her living room and she's feeling especially frisky. With no one around, and not much to do, what better way to fill up some time than with a little masturbation? Lydia spreads her legs and leans back into the soft cushions of the couch. Her panties are pulled to one side as her hand rubs her clit and spreads her lips, revealing her tight, pink pussy. Just as she begins to approach a rivetting orgasm, her friend Micah Martinez walks in and catches her fapping! Lydia's totally embarrassed, but Micah just laughs it off goodheartedly. This is the FIFTH time he's walked in on her 'paddling the pink canoe', so he's sort of grown used to it by now. Lydia facepalms, growing even more insecure about it. She explains that over the last while, she's ALWAYS been horny. She gets up every morning and needs to rub one out, and even after that's done, she's STILL horny! It's actually quite frustrating. Micah suggests that maybe they get outside and find a distraction for Lydia, such as going to see a movie. Lydia shakes her head- she's way too horny for any kind of distraction. If she goes to the cinema she'll just end up getting the seat wet with how horny she is. This gives Micah another idea. Maybe what she needs is to get her horniness out of her system completely, and Micah might just be the guy for the job. Lydia seems intrigued and agrees to have Micah help her out with some energetic sex in the living room. Lydia orgasms multiple times, and it wouldn't have been possible without a little help from her good friend Micah.
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