Have A Great Time With Sandralyd And Milena Ray

| 2023-11-28 |




You were hoping for a nice day alone with your girlfriend Sadralyd, but when you woke up you found she had left to go shopping with her friend. Milena Ray. Instead of having VR porn fun in bed with your girl, you get some chores done around the house until she comes home. Milena is still with her and Sandralyd wants to show you what they bought. Your mood changes dramatically when they come out dressed in lingerie and fishnets. You are nervous about looking too much at Milena and making your girl jealous. She puts you at ease by grabbing her friend by the ass and telling you how much she likes it. Their playful interaction heats up and she tells you to go ahead and enjoy the taboo VR porn show. You can’t believe your good fortune, but when Milena offers to get naked for you if you take out your cock and stroke it for them, you can’t pass that up. Still nervous, you relax a bit when they both smile at how big and hard your cock is. As their clothes come off, Sandralyd encourages you to pump your cock up and down. It’s OK, she likes watching you as much as you like watching her play with her sexy friend. They wiggle their asses in unison as they shimmy out of their panties and give you a clear view of their horny wet pussies. You can hear their juices squishing between their fingers as they begin to play with themselves. They know how to cum together. Can you hold out and time it so you all finish at the same time? Give it a try. They have a special reward if you succeed.
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