She Has A Boyfriend And She Swallows My Cum

| 2023-11-28 |



Pay attention to this story that has its crumb! A few days ago, I received a WhatsApp from an unknown number that said something like this: "Hello Torbe, I'm Daniela and I would like to talk to you." I tend to distrust almost anyone who writes to me privately, you can imagine, after so many years surrounded by haters you will understand that I distrust anyone who tries to contact me, but I answered, and the young woman explained her situation to me. Apparently the girl has a boyfriend, a years-long relationship that is at a standstill, apparently the guy is quite boring, he completely ignores her, he barely pays attention to her and the only thing he cares about is going out partying with his friends, leaving her lying at home like it was shit. Daniela is fed up, she is looking for new emotions in her life, she wants to live, but above all to feel like a woman again! She is a girl barely five feet tall, she must be around 45 kilos in weight, with a very attractive little body, one of those that you can fuck and put her in all the positions you can imagine, Tremendously manageable! The truth is that she has come to me, and I am going to do everything possible to make her come home with the biggest smile, completely satisfied and happy! Don't miss this scene... full of morbidity and a lot of pleasure!
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