The Role She Was Made For

| 2023-12-02 |




Aspiring dark VR movie actress Emily F has a run of disappointing luck. She has landed a number of auditions but failed to get even a single call back. Determined to land a role eventually, she struts confidently into the latest casting agent’s office ready to do whatever it takes to get the part. She reads her lines and can tell right away that the director is just not interested in her for the role. She is so sad that he comes over to comfort her and puts his hand on her shoulder. She can feel the heat from his body and tells him that she will do anything to land the role, “anything at all.” This sparks his interest more than her acting skills did. If it’s her body he wants, then he shall have her body. As long as she gets the part, Emily is ready for anything. She bends over and feels the throbbing head of his long dick slide between her wet lips. He fills her immediately and she pushes her hips back to meet his thrusts. She can’t believe how quickly he makes her cum and rushes to suck her juices from his dick. Checking on more time to make sure that their deal still stands, she hops on his cock knowing that her tight pussy is going to finally lead to her big break. It feels good deep inside of her and she can feel herself getting close to cumming. In this VR porn episode, she can’t believe she is getting so much pleasure from the casting couch, but she doesn’t want to stop. He has other plans, ordering her off of him just in time to cum in her mouth. She never lets her boyfriend do that and nearly gags on his load. Oh well, if this is the price of fame, so be it.
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