Sandrillon, 25 years old, is getting loose little by little...

| 2023-12-02 |




She very quickly returned in front of the lens, the beautiful Sandrillon, dressed in an outfit that leaves room for new, very naughty desires! This pretty 25-year-old young lady, a language teacher in Aubagne, approached the world of porn in the best possible way, with a man she knew very well. Always very comfortable welcoming the camera into her home, this curious single obviously wants to see a little more, and why not offer herself completely to two guys, something that makes her fantasize to the highest degree! Hiro and Nicolas, two competitive studs, are very excited by seeing this superb woman in her pink lingerie, and decide to guide her in order to help her satisfy all her deepest desires... Take advantage of the thousands of libertines registered on Jacquie Michel
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