Orgasms Come Easy | Pushing Extremes

| 2023-12-04 |




This brand new busty teen has never shot any adult before, and starts out shy... but she does have no problem getting to orgasm on camera! We first meet this beautiful girl at a popular resort area, watching her flash her big naturals, then giving us upskirt views while rubbing her clit and fingering herself! Then in the car, she uses a clit vibrator to get to a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Back home she massages those wonderful big naturals, then uses the Magic Wand to masturbate again... and notice how strong that orgasm is with those strong vaginal contractions! Then at a busy park, she parades around without panties, rubs herself, then penetrates herself with a vibrator right there! Wearing some tight clothes, she teases some more at an office area, then goes home to try the FTV Monster Toy! She does an adamant job of pushing it halfway deep inside her, stretching herself out with that big thick toy! Then she tries the Big Ten Toy, and rides it hard (and really deep... 9 inches!) and watch those big breasts bounce! She ends up having a strong orgasm while rubbing her clit and being penetrated, with strong vaginal contractions! Pushing her limits, she fills herself up with the Big Glass Ball Toy, then stuffs two other glass toys inside her, triple penetrating herself! As the day comes to a close, she's wearing a sexy dress and heels, visiting another fancy resort, and masturbating with a vibrator while fucking herself, to another orgasm finale. Enjoy this natural beauty, tattoo-free and blessed with some very erotic assets, filmed all in FTV Style :)
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