My Warm Place | More Masturbation

| 2023-12-04 |




Marina is originally from Eastern Russia, but moved to the US 2 years ago on a scholarship. She's a rather spontaneous girl, whose carefree attitude brings us a rather unique shoot of random adventure. We're introduced to her as she shows off some of her drawings, then she runs off excited to try on some clothes for us, ending up modeling in a very sexy nightie and heels. She ends up masturbating on the couch, first her way with her fingers, then using a vibrator to come to orgasm. Then in her very own cute unique outfit, she parades around a resort, getting completely naked before she arouses some attention. We love watching her leggy look in heels, and her full breasts being squeezed and massaged! Back home, she tries a large red vibrating dildo, stuffing it deep and masturbating hard, until she has an orgasm that oozes milky juices. Dressing up in a black dress heels, she then parades around another resort area, and finds a comfy place on the stairwell to masturbate with her fingers. Then its time for the Vibraking Toy, which brings her to an easy orgasm... She enjoys it so much she begs to try it again, and so she has a second orgasm! To cool down, she heads over to the pool, and swims naked... and returns indoors to do a sexy nude dance to the Gypsy Kings' version of 'Hotel California'. After an attempt on riding the Glass FTV Toy, she moves to the Rabbit Toy, and has another strong orgasm with it. Her love of the outdoors leads to a stripdown on a public golf course, her running around completely naked feeling free. That is until a police van approaches... time to go! So enjoy this rather different update of a carefree girl having her first time adult experiences, only here on FTV.
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