Seeing It Through

| 2023-12-04 |




VR Porn hottie Bella Blu stops by your room after she puts the kids to bed. She knows you called in sick at work and is worried about you. She enters the room and finds you lying in bed, staring at the ceiling with a heavy heart. Bella Blu cannot bear to see you this way, and she knows she must do something to uplift your spirits. Bella Blu knows just what it will take to make you feel better... With a soft smile, she approaches the bedside and places her hand on your chest. Noticing that the room lacked a bit of cheer, Bella Blu decides to bring in some brightness and reveals her ample VR tits. She tells you to relax and she will take care of everything. As her VR lips find their way around your cock you can sense the energy coursing through you. With renewed vigor, your cock stands tall, and Bella Blu mounts you...
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