First Time Beauty | Two Hard Orgasms

| 2023-12-05 |




Back once more because of her extreme popularity on FTV, she's out for more fun... in the outdoors! Still 18, she puts on a cute 'schoolgirl' outfit, and plays around at a park. That is, until she gets explicit and is caught, forcing her to leave immediately! Problem is, since she looks pretty young already, some passersby may think this is all illegal... Finding another remote spot at a park, she starts fingering herself, leading to a masturbation to climax. Then going completely naked, she runs around and does some cartwheels! That cute, firm and petite body is caught again, and she hides behind a bush and puts her clothes back on. Then in a cute dress and some pretty size small heels just perfect for her -- we watch her walk the hallways of a resort, expose her top, massage her breasts, and spread her private parts. Soon she is all naked again, and using a unique ribbed vibrator for some hard penetration to climax. Since she's all naked, she visits a water fountain, and gets all playful splashing water on her naked body. Still visiting public places, its time for a visit to an office building with nice architecture, but this time only in a cute pink panty and bra. Beautiful views of her perfect butt, she exposes that naked body of hers, walks into an elevator, and fingers herself in there. Up close views of her private parts... Then at home, comfy on the couch, in red lingerie -- she's playing with herself again! Using that same unique vibrator, she penetrates herself hard, until one last orgasm ensues. Milky wet inside... So enjoy this cute teen, she's a beautiful sight for sore eyes :)
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