Police In Action

| 2023-12-06 |




Agent Magic has received a code 69 via the radio station and is fully prepared to intervene. We are going to accompany him in this dangerous operation whose objective is: Find a very sexy teenager who wanders freely through the mountains without any type of documentation! The one mentioned in question is Paola Hard, until now we had almost always seen her with blonde hair, and it is difficult to recognize her with that black hair... but she is still as good as ever! Paola does not carry her ID on her and she knows that if they catch her undocumented they can fine her, but she, the slut, will try to bribe the police as she knows best... spreading the word. legs! The Magic Agent can do nothing but be adamant about giving the young woman a good dose of "truncheon syrup." Spectacular outdoor sex, where Paola's great body is going to capture all eyes... and no wonder... she is tremendous!!!
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