First For Everything | One FTV Adventure

| 2023-12-07 |




She's one of those dream girls that look straight out of Japanese Anime -- except this girl is half Korean and half Caucasian. Blessed with big beautiful eyes, and the sexiest, firmest figure (just look at those firm round breasts and perfect butt!) she's a perfect cutie for FTV. We see her driving her 350Z topless (!) and then goes completely naked and runs around an office area. Back home, she masturbates with her fingers and comes to a nice orgasm -- and wants to do it again! She then puts on a very sexy black dress heels, masturbating in a beautiful resort (with a vibrator), then getting caught by security... she still walks on the street completely naked! Finding another public place, she puts on a summer dress and masturbates one more time with another vibrator. She has never used a vibrator in her life, so it was a new and incredible experience for her. Notice the vaginal 'responses' to such new toy experiences. Then she flashes at a restaurant, and at a grocery store, she loves risking it! On the next day, she's wearing a sporty outfit, and shows off her flexibility, then does some incredible cartwheels and tumblers! All this on a regular street and completely naked! Back home, she tries out a rather large summer squash, and manages to get most of it in (and she is very tight!). The squash literally gets stuck inside... Then with a banana acting like a g-spot toy along with a vibrator, she has another strong orgasm!!! After a nice hard breast butt massage, she attempts one last orgasm, this time with the Vibraking... and has one of the strongest in her life. Then in a hot secretary outfit and her eyeglasses, she ends up near-fisting, surprising us all! She's a Total First Timer, and you'll only see her here, on FTV :)
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