Girls Night

| 2023-12-07 |




After a long semester of classes, Alexis Wilson and her friends really need to blow off some steam. With her parents out of town for the weekend, she invites Lya Cutie, Zazie Skymm, and Milacheek over for a VR porn fun girls’ night in. With some drinks ready, she suggests they wear their sexiest swimwear just for fun. She puts on some music and they all start dancing. Pretty soon, they can all feel the sexual tension. None of them have ever tried anything with another girl, but the mood is shifting in that direction quickly. Alexis suggests they take some sexy pictures for you and starts with one of all four of them flashing. Alexis sneaks a peek and catches a few of her friends doing the same. A little touching can’t hurt. It will make the pictures sexier. Since they are almost naked, the girls decide to go fully nude and really give you something to drool over. No one objects and Alexis admires her friends’ toned bodies and tight pussies. She knows you would love a threesome with any of them, but she wants to sample them all first. As things intensify, she gets bold and starts kissing her friends. Everyone is on board and the women pair off for some VR porn experimentation. Alexis is happy to find that all three of her friends are into it. The pictures are going to turn out hot, but the girls agree not to share them with their boyfriends. Instead, they want to schedule more special nights for girls only so they can get to know each other even better.
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