A Unique First Time | Super Squirter | FTV Style Talent

| 2023-12-08 |




Danielle is our favorite assistant, bi-sexual for sure, and this time she goes all out lesbian! What better match than our very favorite squirter Leslie. Together, they have a fun-filled weekend... In cute dresses heels, they visit a cozy resort parking area and start making out and rubbing each other until they get caught as security drives by! Finding a more secluded stairwell, they go all out on fingering each other, and wow... does Danielle get wet! The milky juices flow down her legs! Leslie then takes a vibrator, and has Danielle use it on her until she has her own milky orgasm. Going back home, Danielle watches on as Leslie has her first squirting orgasm of the day... right in Danielle's lap! On to the bed, the girls finger each other deeper. Danielle gets her first time fisting, both missionary and doggy, its pretty intense to watch! Then Leslie fists herself, while Danielle watches on with a shocked look on her face. Later that night, in very sexy dresses heels, they walk down a fancy mall, make out in public, give us some upskirt shots while they play at a fountain, then find a more secluded spot to go down on each other. While deep into fingering, they are caught again... naughty! Back to the safety of the house, some more deep oral sex, and a mutual masturbation that leaves both girls with strong orgasms. Notice the strong contractions on Leslie's vagina! Undressing for bed, they put their glasses on, and make out some more. Next morning, its back to some cute outfits, and they're at another beautiful resort fingering each other. Out comes Leslie's favorite dildo -- masturbating hard and deep, she has a shooting squirting orgasm that shocks them both! Then for a sweet finale... a very large double ended dildo -- first hard to push in, but they both manage to take each half deep. Hard grinding and deep penetration leads to two strong orgasms that leaves both girls exhausted. An intense finish for another sexy FTV Girl-Girl adventure :)
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