Sex Alchemy

| 2023-12-08 |




Even though all VR porn scenes of VR Bangers are pretty unique, something tells us that you'll fall in love with the idea behind our latest release called Sex Alchemy. Today, together with your beautiful wife (played by one-of-a-kind Madison Wilde VR porn star), you'll visit a world-renowned couples therapist. This famous sex expert (aka Penny Barber VR porn model) has helped thousands of couples find the magic spark they lost and rekindle their erotic lives. And now she's hoping to help you and Madison, too. The therapy will begin slowly, and it'll be perfectly normal. Your wife will explain to Penny that you've tried many different things before, including using some sexy outfits and trying new sexual fantasies – yet nothing helped. Understanding how complex your situation is, your therapist will try using some quite unprecedented methods, accelerating the pace of this threesome VR porn movie. This MILF VR porn performer will ask Madison to trust her and start moving passionately to get you in the appropriate mood. Then she'll ask your wife to do the same thing in front of you, and even though at first she'll feel pretty weird about that, after a while, she'll start enjoying herself and feeling sexy. And this is just the beginning. Moments later, this teen VR porn actress will understand that she needs further guidance from your experienced specialist, asking her to show her even more of these "methods". In effect, both girls will land in front of you on their knees, taking turns sucking your dick while learning how to spice things up in your hitherto vanilla relationship. And the longer the therapy goes on, the more daring things will come their way. Are you ready to do whatever it takes to save your marriage? But be warned, with girls like Madison Wilde and Penny Barber, it can get hardcore!
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