Strong Orgasms | Spunky Fun Teen

| 2023-12-10 |




Supercute teen Natalie is a fun, spunky girl who has no inhibitions and wants to get her feet wet in the adult industry starting with FTV! We meet her at a very busy mall, in cute casual wear and short shorts. Soon enough she's flashing her full breasts at several department stores, flashing her butt on the escalator, then fingering herself in the front entrance! First time doing any sort of public nudity, and she likes it! Going home, she uses the magic wand toy to a very strong orgasm, with some of the strongest vaginal contractions we've ever seen! Undressing and going to bed, next morning we watch her wake up, brush her teeth, show off her breasts and butt, then finger herself and masturbate again. The orgasm is just as strong as the last one, wow does her vagina pulsate hard on orgasm! She then uses four fingers to probe her wet insides... Putting on a cute pink dress strappy heels, she parades around on the steps, giving us upskirt views and fingering herself some more. Then she uses a ribbed hard glass toy to penetrate -- notice how her vaginal walls follow the ribbing and get pushed out... She gets horny once again, and uses the magic wand toy to another strong orgasm with 'in your face' contractions. Then she tries to go extreme by fisting herself, but can only get five fingers in. She then spreads and super gapes her vagina so you can see deep inside... We then see her at a very busy gym, in her cute workout clothes using the weight machines and doing the spin bikes, while her breasts are out for all the guys to see! Then she takes her bottoms off and spreads fingers herself right there at the gym! After doing bottomless cartwheels and more topless play, the guys are lining up on the machines to watch... At a grocery store she buys a cucumber goes to a golfing park, then rides the cucumber as deep as it can go! We then see her let her hair down, wear an elegant white dress and cute white sandals, walking through a resort and teasing us some more. Soon enough she's spreading and gaping again, awaiting the FTV Monster Toy! She surprises us by getting down 1/3 of this giant toy, riding it then fucking herself until she's too sore to continue. Back home for one last masturbation, she tries out the Vibraking Toy which gets her screaming... Enjoy this spunky teen, she was a lot of fun to shoot, and got really lucky with all the public nudity she pulled off!
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