Two Little Wolves For Me Alone

| 2023-12-11 |




What a duo I have prepared for you today! This is a tremendous piece of video that enhances my series "Two Wolves for a Lamb", you can now take out your tail and start peeling it like a monkey, because Michy Perez and Mells Blanco are going to give absolutely everything, you are going to be able to enjoy them in full action like you've never seen them before! These two girls drive me completely crazy, with how hot they are and those great asses they have... bufffff, they are defenseless little wolves doing dirty things in front of my camera! Michy starts eating Mells' pussy while she eats my cock, a trio of those that any guy would dream of. Anyway, a fucking show, filming this scene I got so crazy that on several occasions I had to think about macabre things to be able to hold on and not cum so quickly! Fucking these two wolves properly is a real ordeal, few guys could endure two pussies as hot and dripping as those of these babes. I do everything I can until I burst and pour all of Michy's cum into her mouth and she passes it to Mells so he can swallow every last drop of milk. A great three-way fuck that none of you should miss, it's FUCKING CRAZY!
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