Shy But Greedy

| 2023-12-11 |



The degenerate Coppula returns! and she does it with the help of a shy young woman named Daniela, a very shy girl who at first was very uncomfortable and embarrassed, she was aware of what was coming her way, because girls, by themselves, are indecisive and don't know what they want. . At first she came because she wants to be dominated, but of course, being filmed while she receives humiliation makes her quite ashamed (and it is understandable), but we already know that Coppula has no regards and is not up for much nonsense, and as he dominates her She is feeling more comfortable and at ease. How beautiful it is to see how she tears up when the bug is punishing her mouth with his cock, and at the same time the bunny is stimulating her, the girl seemed at first like she was withdrawn, but time went by and you don't see how she came, especially when he has done his legendary squirting! Luckily the bug then gives her a good portion of fluids, so that she doesn't go away anesthetized.
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